Adoptee ABC Flash Cards

These cards are intended to equip your child with their own personal story of adoption. These alphabet cards were created by our team and designed by an adult adoptee. We are so excited to introduce these cards to you!

Please use good judgment if your child is having difficulty with processing their adoption story. The cards can be used at any age and there is no age too young to begin talking about adoption with your child. For younger children, showing them the letters and practicing letter sounds and letter names is a great way to introduce them to the cards. Reading the cards out loud to your children and allowing them to process the information on their level will be beneficial as your child grows. Once your child is able to read, having them read the card out loud and processing their own emotions that the card brings will allow them to be able to tell their story the way that they best relate and allow them to ask more questions as they come up.

Flash cards are shrink wrapped and will not come with a box. We recommend using a rubber band to keep them together after opening them.